Digital Media Planning and Buying

Media Buying is the process that involves paying for getting relevant clicks to your website mostly through pay per click (PPC) model . It’s a process of advertising of your product or service on various search engines, social media or forums. The biggest focus will be on Google Ads as they have 90% of marketing share. There are two types of ads that are covered – Search and Display. Given below are three main areas where we can help you place PPC ads.

Search Engine Marketing

As one of the leading ad agencies in Bangalore, we believe that Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an integral part of digital marketing and the fastest way to get your website on top of search pages and bring targeted traffic to your website thus increasing leads and sales. With more than a billion websites and over 4 billion searches per day on Google alone, consumers are searching for reviews, content, products, services, etc… Read More

Social Media Campaigns

Due to the presence of so many social media sites, it is only natural for brands to get confused as to what should be their social media marketing plan. Unlike other digital marketing companies, we focus on engaging the human emotional quotient and that happens to be our core competency. Our social media campaigns help your brand to get show specific ads to very targeted audience…Read More

Campaigns on Forums

With Quora being one of the foremost forum for people looking for answers, we identify questions that people ask related to your business and place highly targeted native ads thus driving quality low cost but highly quality traffic to your site eventually converting in to a lead or a sale.