Digital Analytics and Insights

The most beneficial aspect of digital marketing is analytics. Being able to measure what you are doing is the best way to move forward. Google Analytics is a free web analytic tool offered by Google which tracks and reports website traffic. Knowing behavior of audience, customer’s demography, acquisiton and what they want is a vital success factor for any website and all these comes under Google Analytics. Some important features of Google analytics includes Segmentation, Setting up goals and Source-wise performance analysis.

The era of data-driven decision making has arrived and is here to stay. At Leadwise, which has gained popularity as a digital marketing analytics company, all marketing strategies are data-driven and we look towards data to lead us to higher efficiency and better returns on investment. We highly recommend treating digital analytics as the most important tool towards optimisation of all marketing efforts.

Social Media Analytics

So you’ve been doing everything right on social media, you’re spending the moolah but there has hardly been any engagement or conversion

Web Analytics

Digital analytics is one of the key factors in augmenting and making sense of digital marketing efforts. Web analytics is primarily a process for tracking, measuring, analysing and reporting web data or website traffic

Content Strategy Analytics

In order to understand how brand content is performing in terms of virality, advocacy, awareness, reach and engagement content analytics is extremely important. As a digital marketing analytics company, we improve your content strategy by doing an in-depth content analysis & metrics benchmarking