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Planning a digital campaign in the year 2022 is a lot different to what it was pre Covid- 19, since clients or any marketing leadership are now looking for a plan that can tell them everything at one simple glance and not go through long series of time wasting  PowerPoint slides. This short and crispy but focussed planning method called the plan on a page (POAP) is just for someone like you who is looking for how to make a Digital Marketing Campaign Template. It can help you plan quickly and save a lot of your time. This can be helpful for digital marketer and marketing managers and above.

The plan on a page approach for the Digital Marketing Campaign Template takes into consideration various high level and low level marketing attributes that are required by the marketing team as whole to execute a campaign. Once the plan is complete, all stakeholders within the marketing team be it the managers, senior managers, marketing leadership and the digital marketer  would be pretty clear on what their roles and responsibilities would be for that particular campaign initiative.

Let’s dive in a little deeper to understand better.

What the digital marketing campaign template is all about?

Firstly, it takes into consideration the business initiative that the company is looking to achieve and it ties it up with a marketing initiative that would help support that need.  A marketing initiative would be something like “Increase revenue from sale events”.

Secondly, it talks about the various campaigns that would support that marketing initiative which is in turn tied to a revenue goal.

So we have the following,

  • Marketing initiative: Increase revenue from sale events
  • Campaigns: Black Friday Sale
  • Revenue Goal: $500,000

Please note that marketing initiative is not the same as “campaigns”. Many campaigns can be a part of one marketing initiative but the reverse is not true.

Further, we will need to detail out the following to make the digital marketing campaign template complete,

  • KPIs
    • KPIs should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound)
    • For Example : Campaign Reach: 1million Revenue: $0.5 million
  • Campaign overview
    • What the campaign is about and what it seeks to achieve
    • Details of campaign approach including phases of delivery (testing A/B), review periods, full launch with timelines etc)
  • Target audiences
    • Target audiences <type 1> Demographics, Psychographics etc
    • Target audiences <type 1>
  • User journey
    • An overview of the user journey across multi- channels, a more detailed version can be attached to this document.
  • Channel tactics with timelines
    • Channel  1  with a time frame
      • Tactic 1
      • Tactic 2
    • Channel  2 with a time frame
      • Tactic 1
      • Tactic 2
  • Any additional context/Considerations
    • Detail any insights and learnings that may be usefull to understanding why the specific channels and tactics were chosen
    • Any additional consideration related to the deployment of  the campaign e.g. potential issues, risk, dependencies, team capacity etc
  • Proposed budget with justification.
    • Add proposed budgetary requirement with rationale.

This is how it would look when it all comes together.

digital marketing campaign template
Digital Marketing Campaing Template

Once the campaign is executed, the next step is the reporting bit.

Campaign reporting template

It can be used to clearly call out the following;

  • Campaign results overview- Summary of the overall campaign performance
  • Channels performance – Channel wise metrics
  • Key leanings and insights – detail any insights and learning that can inform future campaigns.

Campaign Reporting Template

Hope this short and crispy plan on a page approach to a Digital Marketing Campaign Template will help you to move towards a more focussed and agile way of working within your marketing teams or your client. This is sure to bring about a radical difference in the way campaigns are planned.

Leave a comment below if you have better way of do it.

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