Cookies, Pixel and a Tag- Learn what they are and the key differences between them.

Enter digital marketing, you’re likely to hear key terms like cookies, pixel and tag talked about nonstop. To a website developer, there’s a world of difference between them but to the rest of us common folk, they’re all one and the same. Let’s understand more about cookies, pixel and tag … What is a cookie? […]

Digital marketing campaign template – How to Plan on a Page | Free Guide

Planning a digital campaign in the year 2022 is a lot different to what it was pre Covid- 19, since clients or any marketing leadership are now looking for a plan that can tell them everything at one simple glance and not go through long series of time wasting  PowerPoint slides. This short and crispy […]

What actually is the Facebook learning phase? Know the factors that impact the learning phase? Dos and Don’ts!

A few years ago, Facebook rolled out the “Learning Phase” which visibly shows up in the ad set’s view under the delivery status column. The term “learning” pertains to the learning activity of the Facebook AI bot that uses machine learning (ML) to deliver ads. Facebook has migrated to a very complicated self-learning algorithm that […]

What is the right bid cap/cost cap that you should be setting for your business on Facebook?

When you look at the Facebook ads manager self-service platform for the first time you may feel a little intimidated by the bid strategy models displayed and wonder what they actually mean and as a result you try and refer the Facebook strategy guide but it doesn’t really tell you how much to bid and […]